Firmware | Killer chips

Firmware | Killer chips
For our advice on choosing printers that the OEM
......a. Provides the best [fair] warranty on their printers.
......b. Does not include what is often referred to as killer chips on the print cartridge
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In 2011, one dominant OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer] released a questionable firmware update for one of their printers.
Probably owners of these printers would have installed the firmware without reading the fine print & even if they had read the fine print probably would install it as the update indicated it.
 Corrects issues waking up from power saver mode
 Corrects issues with print quality after long periods of non-use
 Prevents false “print-head error” messages
Who would want to not repair these issues?
However the update indicated it also;
........# Restricts use of unauthorized cartridges
........# And it cannot be uninstalled
Once installed even if it caused some problem in your computer you would
........# Have problems getting rid of the software causing the problem.
........# Not be able to use generic or remanufactured cartridges in your machine
........# Be stuck with having to purchase the OEM cartridges & pay what ever the retailers set the price at.

What do you think the main aim of this update was?

………………….Click here for an interesting article.
The same OEM also produced & is producing printers for which they produce two “types” cartridges for that are essentially the same print-cartridge but with one what the OEM insists during legal battles is a fair contract.
I. The contract is designed to get the user to return the cartridge to the OEM & not to a remanufacturer
II. r. This is not a signed contract & in our experience most purchasers on this type of cartridge have no idea that The OEM is likely to sue some one who facilities the responsible recycling of it.
III. There is also incorporated on these cartridges electronic chips that we see as mainly an effort to frustrate the recycling of these print-cartridges [often referred to as killer-chips].

Third party recycling or generic manufacturing of print cartridges

 Helps reduce waste
 Saves money
 Provide competition to the OEM
Third party recycling or generic manufacturing of print cartridges sometimes
 Causes problems in the printer [sometimes OEM cartridges also cause problems in the printer]
 Voids the printer’s OEM warranty.
A responsible remanufacturer provides their own warranty [& stands by that warranty] on the use of their print-cartridges